1. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Load any machine anywhere
  • Drive on-drive off
  • No cranes or forklifts required for loading or unloading
  • Low rear deck height: 900mm

2. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Transport any machine
  • Any where, any time
  • Drive on, Drive off


3. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Transport long loads
  • Transport containers: 1 x 40', 2 x 20', 1 x 20'
  • Can transport 40' on top or lower deckTop deck transport requires rear stands to make container level with top deck


4. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Drive on-Drive off
  • Can u see the winch cable?
  • Drive on to top deck with special options

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5. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Loading a dis-abled loader
  • Load with 7 degree incline
  • unload with 15 degree incline
  • Special units allow for driving to top deck




6. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Transport 2 machines

7. DDEWT Trailer (No Ramps required.)

  • Widen lower deck as required
  • Top deck is removable

8. DDEWT Trailer (Extend by 5.97 mtrs)

  • Transport long loads

9. DDEWT Trailer (Transport buses)

10. DDEWT Trailer

11. DDEWT Trailer (Loading a bus)

12. DDEWT Trailer

13. DDEWT Trailer (Not every thing can be towed)

  • Accident retrieval
  • Buses (or anythiing else) which cannot be towed

14. DDEWT Trailer (Loading a burnt out bus)

15. DDEWT Trailer (How can this be towed?)

  • Accidents happen all the time

16. DDEWT Trailer (loading is done like this)

17. DDEWT Trailer (Transporting 18.0mtr Bendi-buses requires special trailer)


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